How to Buy the Best Commercial Griddle

Think about your menu. What are the items on your menu that touch heat before being served? We bet that it’s more than 80% of your menu.

Your kitchen relies on a constant source of heat to properly prepare and serve its food. While your commercial oven and range work overtime, you need something that can provide the same output without taking up the same amount of space. With the right commercial griddle, you can ensure that every item of your menu gets the attention it needs while still maintaining a smooth running kitchen.

Whether you’ve had a commercial griddle for years that needs an update or if you’re looking to add one to your kitchen for the first time, we can help. We’re going to break down the different types of commercial griddles and their uses to help you find the best one for your space and staff.

Types of Commercial Griddles

There are many different types of commercial griddles out there. Here are a few of the most popular styles that you might consider before bringing a griddle into your kitchen.

Gas Commercial Griddles

Commercial gas griddles are one of the most common models. They hook up to your natural gas source and provide heat in the same manner as a range.

Rather than emitting an open flame for cooking, it evenly heats a flat cooking surface. The size of the cooking surface ranges from model to model.

It is very important to remember that gas griddles without Thermostatic control will get continuously hotter as long as they are turned on. It is up to the user to monitor the temperature before cooking because an unmonitored gas griddle will continually increase in temperature and will burn food if not checked.

Electric Commercial Griddles

Electric commercial griddles use electricity to emit heat to the cooking surface. These types of griddles can be a more convenient solution for smaller kitchens or kitchens with a tight layout. Because they only require a plug for their source, they can be moved virtually anywhere.

Just like gas griddles, the cooking space can range from unit to unit. Larger griddles can make for a great permanent addition to your kitchen’s cooking routine, while smaller units are a great addition for prepping or keeping items hot before serving.

Manual Commercial Griddles

Manual commercial griddles operate similarly to ranges. They have high, medium, and low heat control settings, and typically function in a turning knob.

Thermostatic Commercial Griddles

Thermostatic commercial griddles are a little different. This type of griddle allows you to get precise temperature output. Just like an oven, if you want to set your griddle to cook at 400ºF, you can use the knob to set the setting and expect heat within a few degrees of that temperature.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Commercial Griddle

Now that you understand the basic types of commercial griddles out there, there are a few more things you need to consider before purchasing.


One of the most important things to consider before purchasing a commercial griddle is the size that you need for optimal performance.

Commercial griddles can span anywhere from 24 inches wide to over 72 inches wide. This can translate into anywhere from one to six burners that supply heat to the surface.

For your restaurant, it’s important to picture what your kitchen is like at full capacity. By putting yourself in that mindset, you will better understand what your kitchen needs to operate more efficiently. If you run a burger joint and the griddle can only hold up to 20 burgers, this might be an issue. If you need space for over 50 to keep your customers happy, you might consider getting a larger griddle.

Plate Thickness

If your kitchen plans to use their griddle frequently or if you are planning to use it for frozen items, the next thing you will need to consider is the plate thickness.

For frequent or vigorous use, having a commercial griddle with a thicker plate can help you get faster results and ensure that your griddle lasts for a long time.

Thicker griddles will retain heat easier than thinner griddles which are susceptible to temperature spikes.


Cost is always a factor when adding new appliances to your kitchen. While most commercial griddles can be an affordable solution for more cooking space, it is still important to budget correctly. These units can span anywhere from $150 to $3,000 depending on the size and power that they supply.

Talk to A Professional Before Buying

If you are still unsure about what type of commercial griddle you need for your kitchen, consult with a professional. Our team will be able to assess your kitchen’s needs and recommend the best unit for your space, budget, and staff. They will also be able to set up and ensure that your unit runs perfectly for years on end.

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