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Cooktops & Ranges

Cooktops & Ranges

All Cater Hospitality Equipment’s commercial gas and electric cooking range is a workhorse that your kitchen can count on. Our range includes unique ovens and stove burners with LPG or electric operating options. LPG/gas and electric ranges can be configured with standard and convection ovens.

We have the latest gasmax series and benchtop units, as well as electmax products made for heavy duty use and only requiring electricity to function. High quality brand, fagor, is also a great option with fagor advanced stands/ovens, the fagor 700 series and the updated 900 series, currently available for purchase. We even sell from our own exclusive assortment of gas/electric cookery.

The possibilities are endless at All Cater, so contact us today and grab yourself a great deal on any of our efficient units or appliances.

Cooktop Benefits:
• Cooktops require a much smaller cutout in your counter space, and are surrounded on all four sides, leaving ample room for cabinet space below.
• Because there isn’t an oven below it, you don’t have to stand by extra heat (which usually radiates from the oven) if you use both appliances at the same time.
• Purchasing an oven separately gives the option for you to select a single or double wall-mounted unit.
• Cooktops are also better for people with knee or back problems because their accompanying ovens are more at arm height.
• If you have small children in the house, a cooktop could be a safer choice because the control settings will be out of their reach.
• Glass, or smooth cooktops also make for much easier cleaning, since things like burners don’t need to be removed.
• Cooktops offer more flexibility in burner style, size and options like induction burners.
• Electric cooktops also provide constant, even heat and can maintain very low heat for simmering.
• If your kitchen already has a focal point, such as a window, sink, view or back splash, a cooktop is a good choice so it will let the other features stand out.
• A cooktop is best for multiple-cook scenarios because of separate cooking and baking zones.
• Oven cooking can be more ergonomic: at eye and arm level.
Range Benefits:
• A range is best for small kitchens with limited space because it houses the cooktop and oven in a single appliance and location.
• Ranges are easier to install as well as less expansive, and there are more options at the lower end of the budget spectrum.
• If your kitchen needs a strong focal point, a range can help bring the room together.
• There are several different types, sizes and cooking styles available, including freestanding, slide-in, drop-in, double oven and dual-fuel ranges – all at an added cost.

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