Essential Equipment Every Commercial Restaurant Needs

Especially in today’s landscape, restaurants must serve and deliver dependably excellent food to thrive. Top-tier restaurant equipment is necessary for any foodservice business looking to maximize productivity and keep costs low in the future. What’s the point in buying a bargain-priced convection oven if it won’t last for years?

With so much on the line, take the time to research the best equipment purchases that will translate to happy customers and repeat business. Below we list the essential equipment that nearly every commercial kitchen should include, regardless of the menu.

Ranges and Griddles
Most food prep begins atop a gas or electric range with enough burners to prepare multiple servings at once. Countertop griddles are available in varied types and styles, so your chefs can make the perfect pancakes, eggs, or gourmet burgers with confidence. Read our guide to discover the best tricks for buying a commercial griddle. Many restaurants rely on specialized units like panini grills and hot dog equipment for key menu items.

Commercial Ovens
Commercial ovens are a hub of activity and are central to most recipes. Your restaurant may need a convection oven, pizza oven, rotisserie oven, or bakery oven, depending on your needs. An oven is among the most-used appliances in a commercial kitchen, so your final decision is important. We help foodservice professionals find the right oven for their restaurant on our blog.

Deep Fryers
If french fries, donuts, mozzarella sticks, or churros are a staple of your menu, your kitchen can’t function without a high-performance commercial fryer. Determine if your restaurant should invest in commercial countertop fryers, floor fryers, tube fryers, or open pot fryers by reading our in-depth commercial fryers buying guide.

Refrigeration and Ice Machines
Refrigerators and freezers are the lifeblood of your business. Without proper food storage, other restaurant equipment doesn’t matter! Reach-in, undercounter, and worktop refrigeration deliver reliable performance. Ice machines are a must for any foodservice operation serving cold drinks or blending margaritas or smoothies.

Work Stations
With a full staff working in unison to craft specialty dishes or serve menu mainstays, you need plentiful table top space to provide chefs with an adequate work area. Made from a variety of materials, the work tables and stations from Chefs’ Toys are reliable and durable.

For dry storage and common ingredients, every kitchen should include enough shelving to accommodate the busiest days of the year. Keep your commercial restaurant equipment neat and organized with easy-to-install options. If you need to move your shelving frequently, look for units with lockable wheels. Protect valuables in your kitchen with security shelving.

Knife Sets
Chefs’ Toys began as a knife-sharpening service for culinary professionals. The foremost tool of a chef is a cutlery set to slice and dice the components of any mouth watering dish. Stock your kitchen with industry-grade knives designed for commercial kitchen applications, from boning and fillet knives to bread and carving knives.

Make a list of the professional-grade cookware and bakeware you need based on the dishes you serve. We offer items like woks, fry pans, sauce pans, and stock pots in aluminium, stainless steel, and cast iron. Your commercial kitchen will also require basic and advanced hand tools like brushes, ladles, pizza cutters, scrapers, spatulas, tongs, and whips.

Chef Wear
Sophisticated chef wear elevates your kitchen and sets an expectation of professionalism. Keep your commercial kitchen staff comfortable and looking sharp with fresh uniforms, aprons, chef coats, chef pants, chef shoes, and chef hats. Invest in proper safety equipment as well, including oven mitts and protective eyewear.

Transform Your Commercial Kitchen With Chefs’ Toys
Your commercial kitchen equipment must be among the best in the business for your restaurant to be successful. Don’t cut corners. When it comes to commercial ovens, refrigeration, and fryers, your bottom line relies on quality and consistency.

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