Sink Benches 1/2 Bowl 600mmD


Sink Benches 1/2 Bowl 600mmD

Sink Benches 1/2 Bowl 600mmD Economic 304 Grade SS Stainless Steel Single Double Bowl Sink Benches 600mm Deep
Left Right and Centre 1200, 1500, 1800, 2400mm wide
• 1.2mm 304 grade stainless steel top
• Galvanised steel undershelf & legs
• 900mm high with 100mm splashbacks
• 250mm deep bowls
• Hygienic & easy to clean
• Flat packed for easy self-assembly

2 Years Parts only Warranty

Sink Benches 1/2 Bowl 600mmD

Fantastically priced 600mm deep units with raised lip all around to help prevent spillage and items slipping off and rear splashback
which keeps items from falling behind the sink. Angled draining rack ensures water runs back to the sink to drain away,
preventing pooling, speeding drying and improving hygiene. Adjustable legs allow stable positioning on uneven surfaces whilst
strong undershelf provides vital undersink storage for cleaning equipment and chemicals.

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Dimensions N/A

Centre Double Sink Bench 1200x600x900, Right Double Sink Bench 1500x600x900, Left Double Sink Bench 1500x600x900, Centre Double Sink Bench 1800x600x900, Left Double Sink Bench 1800x600x900, Right Double Sink Bench 1800x600x900, Centre Double Sink Bench 2400x600x90

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