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Combi + Convection Ovens

Combi + Convection Ovens Cafe Restaurants by Federal Hospitality Equipment

Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart, Darwin, Canberra Australia wide.

Find your heating and cooking needs here with our wide range of premium commercial ovens. Every kitchen requires an oven and we supply some of the best commercial ovens within the catering equipment industry.

Our commercial ovens are made for a range of establishments from restaurants and cafes, to bakeries and pizza ovens for pizzerias. If your kitchen serves hot food, then Federal Hospitality Equipment is your answer, our ovens cook your food to absolute perfection.

Our Combi come from the most renowned and respected oven brands within the catering equipment industry including black panther, electmax, fagor, frymax, garbin, gasmax, primax and prometek Federal Hospitality Equipment.

What are the Benefits of Combi Ovens?

Combi ovens are a big investment, but when compared to the cost of your overall equipment package, the purchase is worth the initial price. These versatile units make smart investments for the following reasons:

  • Condense Your Cook Line: A combi oven can stand in for a steamer and a convection oven easily. And when set to lower temperatures it can do many of the duties of a proofer, holding cabinet, or slow cooker. While the upfront investment is more than any single piece of equipment, it’s usually still more cost-efficient than buying multiple pieces of equipment.
  • Cook More with One Oven: Combi ovens can roast, steam, sous vide, smoke, braise, bake, rethermalize, and oven fry foods. This makes them a great way to boost capacity or save on space by replacing multiple units on your cook line entirely Federal Hospitality Equipment.
  • Precise Temperature and Moisture Control: Accurate controls cook at precise temperature and steam settings, for maximum customization.
  • Programmable Menus: Programmable menus let you hard load or manually input recipes and cook modes. This turns even complex recipes with intricate steam and convection settings into the press of a few buttons.
  • Increased Food Yields: By using both steam and convection in your recipes you can preserve flavors and nutrients, which results in a higher-quality finished product. This is perfect for meats since the moisture from steam helps to prevent meats from drying out and shrinking, keeping cuts tender and juicy

What can you make in a combi oven?

Use to roast and braise meats, bake poultry and fish and reheat prepared foods. The combination of
steam and hot air will improve yield and reduce overall cooking times. To OVEN FRY, use food items that are labeled
“ovenable” by the manufacturer. Refer to cooking guidelines for oven frying individual items. Place items on perforated
sheet pan in a single layer. DO NOT place excess amount of product on pan. A solid sheet pan may be placed under
perforated pan to catch excess oils and eliminate smoke

Three Modes of Cooking: Steam, Convection, Combination

A commercial combi oven has three cooking modes to accomplish all of the various functions in its arsenal – steam, convection, and a combination of steam and convection.

  • Steam Mode: The combi oven steamer mode uses steam to create a moist heat that keeps products juicy during the cooking process. It’s ideal for steaming and poaching vegetables and seafood.
  • Convection Mode: Hot air is forced around the oven cavity, just like in a convection oven, creating a dry heat that browns foods and removes moisture in the cooking process. It’s a great choice for baking, oven frying, and roasting foods like pizza, cookies, and French fries.
  • Combination Mode: Hot air and steam combine to cook foods without losing moisture. When you want to stew or braise foods, it’s an excellent choice. Meats and veggies will come out with tender and juicy but with the browning you might expect in a convection oven. Certain breads can also be baked in this mode, where the steam will help establish a hard crust.

Our ovens all come in a vast range of sizes and functions, so it’s important to choose the most suitable one. We can help you decide based on several factors such as budget, quality, brand, space, size, features and use. This helps you choose the best one for your staff and your workspace.

Our commercial ovens are constructed with refined stainless steel and durable materials within the interior and exterior. These units are also fitted with simple controls, digital readouts and an array of heating levels (depending on the oven chosen).

What We Love about Convection Ovens as Kitchen Equipment

  1. Evenly cooked dishes. Because convection ovens fill the entire space evenly with heat, commercial kitchens using convection ovens produce more evenly cooked or baked dishes.
  2. Faster cooking. The consistent heat and lack of cold and hot air pockets make convection ovens efficient pieces of kitchen equipment. Most dishes cook faster in a convection oven.
  3. Food is crisper. A convection oven’s exhaust system vents moisture out of the oven, making your dishes nice and crisp. It’s a great piece of kitchen equipment for cooking dishes like crisp vegetables, oven fried chicken and potatoes.
  • Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart, Darwin, Canberra Australia wide.
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