Stone Benches Tops Commercial Kitchen


Stone Benches Tops Commercial Kitchen

Stone Benches Tops Commercial Kitchen are heavy duty made using material 304 stainless steel, meaning they will last for the long term within your kitchen. Our stainless steel Benches and stainless-steel stone top mobile benches are easy to clean, sturdy, hygienic and provide a smooth workflow when used with your other catering equipment units and tools.

Come in four colour tops  Dark Brown, Dark Gray, Green and Black with 2, 3 and four draw storage under for unitless and cutlery.

With an without splash backs  600mm or 700mm deep four widths 900mm, 1200mm, 1500mm, and 1800mm

Crucial considerations for commercial benchtop catering equipment areas are:

Resistance to scratches, Durability,Impact resistance, The lifespan of the material
Carefully designed to facilitate ease of use Ability to resist stains and spills
Can withstand cleaning solvents of various magnitudes

You can also add an undershelf or splashback to your stainless-steel Stone and a range of other great features. Our stone workbenches free up valuable space and enable swift movements through your kitchen to carry tools and stock.

Great product to use in a commercial bar, café, restaurant kitchen area also in your home kitchen and Bqq area.


Stone is very long lasting (and will essentially last forever if properly looked after), waterproof and able to withstand high temperatures due to its heat resistance properties. Although it can be quite expensive, it provides great value and quality investment to your home. Stone will also not degrade over time in comparison to Laminex, where it is not as durable and once chipped, it cannot be repaired. It is also ill protected from scratches, cuts and heat, which is not ideal if you are wanting to place hot food directly on your benchtop.

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