Four Tier Shelving


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Four Tier Shelving

Four Tier Shelving can be used for cool room, freezer room and general dry storage comes in various lengths and sizes.


Shelving is made of wire or plastic coated wire and last up to ten years or longer.

Four Tier Shelving – 475-610 mm deep x 1880 high x 610 width 1800mm

Load Rating: 150kg per shelf • 2184 & 910 mm posts are available • extra shelves available • black plasticised shelving – suitable for cool rooms and freezers – has TEN YEAR GUARANTEE

  • high quality, attractive and robust
  • easily adjustable corner lock clips
  • meets appropriate health dept. requirements
  • optional castors available, with or without brake
  • comes standard with bullet feet Accessories not included
  • 2 Years Parts only Warranty

The metal sheet of these insulated panels may feature:

a Polyester coating;
a PVDF coating;
a Plastisol coating;
a PET coating;
the metal sheet can be made of Stainless Steel (INOX).
Each of these coatings has a different chemical composition and different suggested use. The most standard one is the Polyester coating.

When doing the maintenance of a cold-room, it’s essential to clean and disinfect the surface of the insulated sandwich panel, without damaging it.

Unfortunately, in most cases, the personnel on duty is not appropriately informed, so they may damage the coating, which then may cause oxidation of the insulated panel.

Therefore, I’ve decided to write in this article a small guideline that may prevent you from committing a mistake and damage the insulated sandwich panel and ultimately, your cold-room.


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