Gastronorm Pans


Gastronorm Pans

Gastronorm Pans Stainless containers are the ideal, flexible stockpiling storage option for any commercial kitchen.

The of gastronorm holders make them exchangeable, meaning you can have the ideal container size for your operations.

Perforated Pans are strong, lightweight stockpiling options, while stainless steel Gastronorm Pans are ideal for oven use.

Metal Pans give you an adaptable cooking pan for setting up different portions for serving food in a cafeteria.

Steel Gastronorm Pans plates are hardwearing and robust, from impact chilling to moderate warming, and use in serveries.

They are accessible with covers for increased temperature control, or without to suit your financial planning and space requirements.

We sell our own personal line of gastronorm products or you can also select from kingo and primax’s polished collection.

Discover our gastronorm container range today including clear poly, black poly, lids, Australian Style and perforated Australian style pans and grab yourself a great deal!

Gastronorm Sizes – What do they all mean?
When looking for your next piece of catering equipment, you will often see products labelled with a “GN” number.

GN is short for Gastronorm, which is used to measure the size of trays, pans and containers that are created to an industry standard.

Gastronorm sizes were created by the Committee as a way to standardize the container sizes in the catering industry.

They are designed to help make it easier, simpler, and more cost-effective for manufacturers of catering equipment.

There are 9 different sizes, which are based on the outer dimensions of the container.

GN containers are available in a variety of depths, enabling them to be used for a wide range of foodstuffs, and in various pieces of equipment.

Various materials are available,

as it’s not only for heating that Gastronorm pans are used for.

They are also used for storage when refrigerating, displaying in self-service environments, and storing warm food for service.

They are available in stainless steel, polycarbonate, melamine, polypropylene, and even porcelain,  for all storage or display needs.

Stainless Steel Gastronorm Pans are usually used for cooking, keeping food warm, and chilling.

They are also often seen used to keep food warm in a buffet display or as a Bain Marie.

Why You Need Gastronorm Pans In Your Life

To continue with the long progress of documenting random things I find interesting — evidenced visually by the mushrooming tags cloud in the sidebar of this blog — I thought I would write up a quick note on my love of Gastronorm pans, and commercial-grade cookware in general.

They Make Your Home Feel Like An All-You-Can-Eat Buffet
Few places in the world are as wonderful as all you can eat buffets.

They’re Made for Restaurants (And Caterers) — So They’re Food-Industry Rugged
Gastronorm pans are as hearty as they look. Trust me, these things will take a beating.

They’re Versatile! Perfect for Carrying, Storing, Heating, Freezing, and Serving

Anybody that’s been to a buffet has almost certainly interacted with a gastronorm pan — although few besides the restaurant owners probably know them by that name

They’re Modular (And Made To An International Standard)
GN pans are perfect for stacking one on top of the other in a way that regular kitchen storing bowls simply are not.

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