Premium Flat Pack Benches

Premium Flat Pack Benches is of the highest quality and uses 304 stainless free standing with and without wheels, splash back and pot rack shelf under.

Shelving Casters
Casters come in a variety of different diameters and can be made of several different materials, but they all have one thing in common. Their main purpose is to turn your stationary shelving unit into a more versatile mobile shelving unit.

Wire Shelf Label Holders
Clearly labeling ingredients and other stored foods is the key to maintaining a functional storage area. Wire shelf label holders will not only keep your shelves organized, but they will also help your employees work more efficiently since they will know exactly where to go to find the item they’re looking for.

Wire Shelf Storage Baskets
Sometimes a shelving unit alone isn’t a practical way to store all of the small items you need to keep track of. Wire shelf storage baskets attach directly to your restaurant wire rack and are a great place to store cooking utensils, extra restaurant equipment parts, and more!

Wire Shelf Dividers
Similar to a whole shelving unit, wire shelf dividers are available in different finishes and sizes to suit your individual needs. These are great for breaking long shelves into smaller, more organized sections.

Shelf Covers
Shelf covers are designed to protect your shelves from water, dust, and other airborne contaminants. They come in different sizes, colors, and materials, with some being waterproof. Zippers or VELCRO® are used to close the cover, ensuring that it stays in place and keeps your shelving unit safe from pollutants.

Wire Shelf Ledges
Investing in a few wire shelf ledges will guarantee that whatever you’re storing stays on your shelves and off the floor. These handy accessories are ideal for keeping items from falling off the shelf and can often be stacked on top of each other to add additional height.

Wire Shelf Hanger Tubes
If you regularly store aprons, chef whites, or other uniforms at your business, then adding a wire shelf hanger tube to your shelving unit will eliminate hours of folding. Hanger tubes allow you to hang all clothing items in one convenient area.

S Hooks
“S” hooks are a convenient little tool that can eliminate the need to purchase a large number of shelf posts. By using “S” hooks to attach two wire shelving units together side by side, you can continue a line of shelving and provide easier access to corner storage areas.

Shelving Components
Shelving components is a broad category that accounts for various parts of a shelf such as post clamps, split sleeves, snap-on hooks, foot plates, and much more. These little components can make a big difference when trying to customize your shelving unit.

Why Choose Allcater

There’s a reason why more and more hospitality businesses are turning to Allcater for premium stainless
steel kitchen equipment.

We’re committed to value. We believe that hospitality businesses of all shapes and sizes should have access to
high-quality stainless steel benches. That’s why we’re proud to offer the very best value for money to all our
customers throughout Australia. We’re also determined to provide the best price Australia-wide, so if you find a
lower price, we’ll match it.
We have a wide range of products. Whatever you need for your kitchen, you can find it with CafeStainless’s online store. All our products come as easy-to-assemble flatpacks, making your installation experience so much simpler.
We deliver Australia-wide. Wherever your business is, we’ll ensure your stainless flatpack sink benches are delivered to you.
We offer premium customer service. We’re here to support each of our customers personally, so make sure you reach out with any questions, issues, or concerns, and one of our friendly team will answer them promptly.

Premium Flat Pack Benches

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