Dishwasher Bench Outlet

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Dishwasher Bench Outlet

Dishwasher Bench Outlet Helping your kitchen staff and keeping your work area clean can now be made simpler with a stainless-steel outlet bench. A stainless-steel outlet bench is usually placed next to a Outlet and ultimately helps the cleaning process, especially with your commercial kitchen equipment.

A stainless-steel outlet workbench, like your benches, comes packed with simple assembly and set up. Our benches are also fully adjustable with an optional solid undershelf, castor kit and splashback attachment with Federal Hospitality Equipment.

By contrast to an inlet bench, which usually comes featured with sinks, an outlet bench provides space and a clear tabletop to store equipment and dishes that need cleaning within your commercial kitchen.

How Do Benchtop Dishwashers work?

dishwashers use a quick connect adapter that connect to a standard sink faucet for water intake. They have a drain hose in the back of the unit that allows for drainage to run directly into a sink.

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