Corner Workbench with Splash back Undershelf

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Corner Workbench with Splash back Undershelf

Corner Workbench with Splash back Undershelf by Federal Hospitality Equipment

A comfortable and productive commercial kitchen, where staff have plenty of restaurant equipment and free space to conduct their work is ideal. Much of this space can be filled with our durable stainless-steel corner workbenches to aid in the workflow of your kitchen.

Stainless steel corner tables are a heavy duty essential, providing a strong bench for work and storage. Almost all restaurants and cafes utilise these types of work benches for the best productivity and results within their establishments. These benches provide a smooth workflow, are easy to clean, sturdy and hygienic.

We have a range of fully adjustable benches and corner tables, refined using stainless steel 304 material with simple assembly, locking drawers, optional solid undershelf, splashback and castor kits for easy movement and convenience from Federal Hospitality Equipment

Undershelves Height

Shelf is fully adjustable, also an extra shelf can be added• 1.2 mm S/S
• Special ‘U’ channel reinforcements under to suit the bench type & size, and as the bench size increases so does the ‘U’ channel width; S/S 1.2 mm thick

Splash backs• Stainless steel backing• All S/S lined & bevelled• 150 mm high; 30 mm thick• Fully enclosed & folded under top (not gal. or open).

What to Consider Before You Purchase a Workbench

Identify the work

What type of work will be performed at the workbenches? The answer to this question will factor into all the considerations that follow, affecting everything from the size of the workbench to the surface material, storage requirements, and ergonomic considerations.

Size up your needs

The size of your workbench is determined by a number of factors. First, how much space is available in the work environment (how big a footprint)? With today’s modular workbenches making maximum use of cubic volume, you may not need as big a workbench as you think. Next, how much worksurface area does your application demand, both in terms of width (left to right) and depth (front to back) Federal Hospitality Equipment.

Fit your workflow

At this point you should also consider whether the workspace, the work to be done, and your company’s particular type of workflow, are best served by a group of workstations laid out in a particular configuration. Some companies offer modular workstations that are specifically designed to accommodate different configurations, and thus different types of workflow

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