Stainless Products

Stainless Products

We sell two ranges of Stainless benches and sinks  from Federal Hospitality Equipment the Premium which is of the highest quality and uses 304 stainless  and Economic which is also a quality product 304 stainless tops  legs and shelfs are galvanized. Our prices will not be beaten, we’re willing to price-match our competitors, and we’ll endeavor to make sure that we give you that special, high-grade

All Cater  Hospitality Equipment have the industry’s lowest prices, it also offers exceptional customer service and support. With a nationwide network of customers and locations in each of the Australian states

Quality Stainless Steel Benching

Restaurants and bakeries are always in need of quality stainless steel benching to help make their operations work faster. This type of equipment, as well as other restaurant and kitchen equipment is available from Australia’s number one importer and supplier, When it comes to stainless steel benching,  carries it all. From Federal Hospitality Equipment sink benches and trolleys to dishwasher benches and wall shelves, Distributors has all the necessary equipment to meet the demands of its customers. The supplier prides itself on having the largest range of commercial restaurant, kitchen, catering, bakery, and refrigeration equipment in all of Australasia. There is a lot of truth to their slogan “All you need is under our roofs.”

All Cater offer customers the lowest possible prices as well. Customers will not find stainless steel benching, for example, cheaper anywhere else. it also offers exceptional customer service and support. With a nationwide network of customers and locations in each of the Australian states,  It can offer preventative maintenance on all of its equipment. The various showrooms are staffed by experienced consultants who can help customers decide which products best meet their needs. Warehouses are stocked full of spare parts should they be needed by customers from Federal Hospitality Equipment.

The Many Benefits of Stainless Steel

  • Corrosion Resistance – Chromium is the alloying element that imparts to Stainless Steel their corrosion resistant qualities. Lower alloyed grades resist corrosion in atmospheric and pure water environments; high-alloyed grades can resist corrosion in most acids, alkaline solutions, and chlorine bearing environments making their properties useful in process plants.
  • Fire and Heat Resistance – Special high chromium and nickel-alloyed grades resist scaling and retain high strength at high temperatures. Stainless Steel is used extensively in heat exchangers, super-heaters, boilers, feed water heaters, valves, and main stream lines as well as aircraft and aerospace applications.
  • Hygiene – Cleanliness is a matter of high importance. The easy cleaning ability of stainless makes it the first choice for strict hygiene conditions, such as hospitals, kitchens and food processing plants.
  • Aesthetic Appearance – The bright easily maintained surface of stainless steel provides a modern and attractive appearance.
  • Strength-to-Weight Advantage – The work hardening property of austenitic grades, that results in a significant strengthening of the material from cold working alone, and the high strength duplex grades, allow reduced material thickness over conventional grades yielding considerable cost savings.
  • Ease of Fabrication – Modern steel-making techniques mean that stainless can be cut welded, bent, formed, machined, assembled and fabricated as readily as traditional steels.
  • Impact Resistance – The austenitic microstructure of the 300 series provides high toughness at elevated temperatures ranging far below freezing, making these steels particularly suited to cryogenic applications.
  • Long-Term Value – In considering total cost, it is appropriate to consider material and production cost AND the life cycle cost. When the total life cycle costs are considered, stainless is often the least expensive material option. The cost saving benefit of a maintenance free product having a long life expectancy.
  • 100 % Recyclable – Over 50% of new stainless comes from old remelted stainless steel scrap, thereby completing the full life cycle.

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