Pizza Spiral + Dough Mixers

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Pizza Spiral + Dough Mixers

A Spiral Dough Mixers is an ideal piece of catering business equipment for your pizzeria, bakery, or other food related service establishment that produces massive amounts of dough on a regular basis.

Commercial Spiral Dough Mixers specially designed and Constructed in highly reliable and resistant materials and the structure of Spiral Dough Mixers is finished in the scratch-resistant paint for easy cleaning.

Our Commercial Dough Mixers are ideal for all bakeries, and they are perfect for catering businesses due to their durable build and design, able to withstand the most intense commercial environments.

Keys to Buying the Right Spiral Mixer

With greater demand for natural ingredients, less-processed fare and fresh-baked quality, artisanal breads and specialty pizza crusts have never been more popular. This trend toward natural and handcrafted food is driving interest in creating the highest-quality dough possible.

Spiral mixers, which have long been popular in Europe, are increasing in use in North America as more cafes, bakeries and restaurants look to create artisanal and specialty breads. Spiral mixers incorporate ingredients in a way that is ideal for artisanal dough.

Whether it’s a bakery working to perfect loaves of artisanal bread or a shop creating specialty pizza crusts, a spiral mixer can help improve the quality and consistency of the product — producing great dough each time.

Why choose a spiral mixer?

Planetary mixers need gears to emulate the rotating bowl action of a spiral mixer, whereas spiral mixers use two motors — one to rotate the bowl and one to rotate the spiral arm — and a pulley system instead of gears. This results in smoother, quieter action.

While planetary mixers can offer great versatility for a wide range of jobs, spiral mixers offer capacity versatility by allowing users to mix less than 10 percent of the unit’s capacity, which is not possible with planetary mixers since batches that are too small will not incorporate sufficiently. Spiral mixers are also better suited for kitchens that are focused on making dough. Planetary mixers have a rougher kneading action that results in the dough rising in temperature more quickly. Conversely, spiral mixers keep the dough at a lower temperature because the mixer bowl rotates as the spiral hook spins to knead the dough.

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