Pizza Preparation Benches

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Pizza Preparation Benches

Pizza Preparation Benches

The Thermaster TPB Series of Pizza Preparation cabinets are designed for everyday commercial use in demanding professional environments. With strong commercial construction and hard-working compressors, choose Thermaster refrigeration if you need a long-lasting, hard-working unit which will be accessed frequently.

Benefits Of Pizza Preparation Benches Fridges

Having a sandwich preparation bench fridges is an advantageous method to keep your profitability up in your business kitchen. You can easily access your best quality ingredients for your sandwiches.

The temperatures in a sandwich prep fridge are managed by you, so you can ensure your foods are of safe temperatures. There are racking and cabinet units accessible for you to change for your most sorted out kitchen needs. Your foods are kept separate for safety and convenience. Set your kitchen up the correct way with one of our many sandwich prep fridges.

Sandwich Preparation Bench Fridges
While sandwich and salad prep tables serve a different purpose than a pizza prep table, they are not as different as you may think. Most sandwich prep tables have shallow cutting boards so that you can cut sub rolls and sandwich bread. They also come with 1/6 size food pans in the storage area at the top. Pizza prep tables contain deeper cutting boards with a rained pan rail. They have a top storage area that is designed to hold 1/3 size food pans.

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