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Plate Warmer

Our Plate Warmer cabinets are a highlight of Federal Hospitality Equipment’s extensive product line, and choosing the right cabinet for your business is vital.

There’s dishes at your establishment that will prove to be popular amongst the public and it’s important to keep your food fresh and warm for preparation Plate Warmer.

Any of our warming cabinets can see to this task with immeasurable proficiency. Our warming and plate cabinets combine ideal storage capacity with freshness and heat – great for any catering business or café selling hot food in big quantities Plate Warmer.

Our warming and plate cabinets include single and double door versions, with our own exclusive range on offer, as well as top quality brand, electmax. We have a range of cabinet sizes to fit compactly within your workspace

Plate Warmer Used for

Plate warmer refers to culinary equipment which is specifically meant to keep the food edible and warm for a number of hours. Plate warmers are made with the help of latest technology and high quality raw material, hence helping to enhance the durability of the product

Types of Plate Warmers

Among several kinds of plate warmers existing commercially, a few most popular ones have been discussed hereunder:

  • A few dish warmers have an aluminum based top and stainless steel frame, with a few models containing dual handles. These types of plate/ dish warmers are quite stable and versatile, and can be used in the kitchens of both households and restaurants.
  • An interesting type is tone dish warmer. The amazing feature of this plate warmer is that it is heated by sunlight. Also, these types of plate warmers get chilled under the waterfall. Such products are made up of cold/heat retainer known as granite which works naturally to warm or chill the food. No battery or electric wire is required for these equipments, which are suitable to be used by people fond of having rural charm at the time of meals.
  • An interesting type consists of those which are heated by candles, but not producing any smoke or flame. The plates are bigger in size, so that they can fit the preferred candles appropriately. These plate warmers are suitable to be used in both households and offices Plate Warmer.
  • Electric plate warmers are the most common ones, which work with thermostat controlled electric pad, with the temperature kept at a comfortable level, thus making the plate warmer to be safe for use for all kinds of plates, including the fine and delicate bone china plates.

3 Benefits of Having a Food Warmer in Your Restaurant

  1. Keeps food warm –Cold food when it is supposed to be hot is a big disappointment. You do not want to be serving your customer’s cold food or warm meals that cool shortly after the customer receives it. Incidences such as these are enough to warrant complaints from customers and make them not want to return to your establishment Plate Warmer.
  2. Keeps food tasting great – Theories vary greatly but it is a proven fact that the temperature of food greatly affects how it tastes. However, it is agreed that receptors on the tongue are heat-sensitive and therefore food temperatures largely influence how it is received by the person eating it.
  3. Prevent illness – Every restaurant owner’s worst nightmare is a customer getting sick or dying as the result of food served at his/her establishment. Not only would you lose customers, your restaurant would be at risk of shutting down and you could face fines or other penalties Plate Warmer.
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