Heated & Hot Food Display

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Heated & Hot Food Display

The Thermaster premium stainless steel bain marie series is the ideal inclusion for restaurants and takeway stores requiring a slow cooking process for their meals and ingredients. Federal Hospitality Equipment is your one stop for these premium bain maries – a highly unique unit within the catering equipment industry.

Hot Food Displays & Heated Food Showcases

A commercial hot food display bar is a great addition to your takeaway shop, fish & chips shop, bakery or supermarket. A heated food bar will keep your food at the correct temperature for hours after being cooked. These countertop displays can hold a variety of hot foods, including pies, pizzas, sausage rolls, burgers, and more.

Floor standing heated cases have multiple shelves inside the cabinet. Perfect for showing a huge range of pies and baked goods for a bakery or café. Floor standing showcases go well with the front of house merchandise. Customers can see into the cabinet to choose your signature treats on display.

Heated Display Cabinets Are What Your Small Kitchen Needs

Many small kitchens benefit from heated display cabinets as they keep food fresh, display the daily menu, and act as a place to store extra food. Keep reading to learn why a heated display cabinet may be an excellent addition to your commercial kitchen, pizza shop, or bakery.

Keep buffet food warm with a heated display cabinet

When you are preparing food for a buffet, the food often gets cooked in stages. Consequently, you end up with food that is warm and ready to eat, but no guests to serve yet. Furthermore, you need somewhere to store your buffet chafing dishes until your guests arrive. We suggest storing your food in a commercial warming oven to keep the food fresh until the event starts.


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