Wok Burner

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Wok Burner

Wok Burner Hospitality Equipment’s wok burners are all priced competitively low with new additions and models constantly being introduced to our efficient catering equipment line.

Unique air-gap design cooling system keeps top clean, free from buckling & cool at all times without running water.
Think of the huge savings in water cost and environmental impact!

• One piece pressed all stainless steel Wok top will never crack or leak
• All high quality Stainless Steel construction
• Comes standard with chimney burners (optional duck bill burners are available*)
Natural Gas and LPG** option with chimney burners only

• Has Front Gutter
• Extremely efficient filter system guarantees no solids will enter drains
• Light & smooth knee operatable Wok valves
• Master gas shut-off valve on front panel
• Only the highest quality cast iron Wok rings are used
• The legs, back and shelf are detachable, allowing easy access through any doorway
• No crevice construction is hygienic & very easy to clean
* LPG model or option kit not available in New Zealand

Our wok burners are guaranteed to provide the necessary warmth and heating needed to cook your food to perfection. Check out our range including products from leading brand, gasmax Wok Burner.

Our units are all made from top quality stainless steel material for durability and longevity, emitting only natural gas. With several different functions, operations and uses, our wok burners are a must have for your establishment Wok Burner.


A Wok Burner is designed to produce a massive amount of heat in a short period so that the wok or cookware can be heated up really quickly allowing the cook to use methods which they normally wouldn’t be able to on an indoor stove – for example searing steak, stir frying, deep frying, steaming and smoking.

The Best Outdoor Wok Burners for Restaurant-Style Stir Fries

Outdoor wok burners are the high-powered solution to Cantonese-style stir-frying at home. We tested several to bring you the best

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