Tandori Oven

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Tandori Oven

One of our most unique commercial ovens currently available in our cooking equipment range, tandoori ovens are often used in Asian and Indian cultures and feature a cylindrical clay pot interior for cooking. The concrete, clay or mud cast within the interior is used for insulation Tandori Oven.

Tandoori ovens utilise heat from the bottom of the unit to cook the ingredients or food inside Tandori Oven.

One of the best aspects about a tandoori oven is it maintains a consistently high temperature for hours without wasting fuel. At All Cater, like most of our commercial catering equipment, our spectacular Tandoori ovens are built with a heavy-duty steel base with flame failure function and great portability, so you can move this nifty oven anywhere within your commercial kitchen

An oven made of bricks and clay, which is tall and cylindrical in shape. It is used to bake traditional tandoori dishes, such as skewered chicken. The flattened dough of the traditional naan (or nan) breads is also baked in these ovens by slapping the dough on the hot inside walls of the oven. The oven contains a flamed bottom, fueled by wood, coal, dung or gas, which produces a very high heat Tandori Oven.


Everything You Need to Know About Tandoor Ovens

One of the biggest benefits to cooking with tandoor ovens is that once they heat up to the desired temperature, they maintain that temperature for hours without the need for additional fuel. Not only that, but due to the super-heated nature of tandoori cooking, even beef can be cooked to perfection in under 20 minutes. This is an especially huge advantage for those that like to host outdoor dinner parties as it allows for quicker prep time!

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