Noodle & Pasta Cookers

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Noodle & Pasta Cookers

Noodle & Pasta Cookers

  • Surface tops manufactured in 2mm thick 304 stainless steel
  • Tanks with 1/1 dimensions, capacity 40 litres. Accommodate different configurations of different sized baskets
  • Standard configuration: three 1/3 type baskets per tank
  • Draining of tank by means of high temperature resistant mechanical ball valve with safety overflow
  • Automatic safety system that breaks the circuit if the water runs out
  • Controls set on a protective base with a system against water infiltration
  • Access the components from the front
  • Machines with IPX5 grade water protection
  • Gas models with stainless steel burner situated on the outside of the tank with combustion chamber that allows the tank to be heated from the bottom and sides
  • Heating controlled by safety valve

2 Years Parts and Labour + 2 Years Parts only Warranty with Product Registration

We also sell other appliances like bratt pans, boiling pans, electric and gas salamanders – which were built for bakery breads and hot pastries, versatile noodle and Noodle & Pasta Cookers for any exotic Asian or Italian cuisine, wok burners for the best stir fries and Asian-style cooking, kebab machines which includes our premium slicers and meat rods to craft your delicious cooked meats, heavy duty electric steamer displays to present your hot snacks in the ideal environment and finally our compact chicken rotisseries for the tastiest homemade or restaurant cooked chicken. These group categories can then extend into other product areas.

Noodle & Pasta Cookers Boil water for the purpose of cooking pasta & noodles. Pasta Cookers come in different basket configurations to enable multiple pastas to be cooked simultaneously. They make easy work of pasta and Noodle Cooking.

A commercial pasta cooker can help you boil water in a flash and then cook pasta or noodles in minutes. This can help your establishment turn orders over quicker than ever and boost sales without sacrificing the quality of the food you serve.

Many of these machines are equipped with timers, alarms, safety features, and wide temperature ranges with precise thermostat controls so they can be adapted to cook all types of pasta in record time, and many of them are double taskers that can also be used to blanch vegetables. Explore our range today.

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