Kebab Machines

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Kebab Machines

Kebab Machines are one of the most widely used appliances in takeaway shops and fast food restaurants. They effectively cut up portions of meat to varying degrees to craft a variety of tasty meals.

You can choose from either our electric machines or gas-powered appliances, depending on what product advantages you prefer. You can also purchase accessories for your  machine including kebab slicers, knives and meat stands. Assemble your perfect machine from our range today and carve up your meats to create the most appetising meals!

Kebab Machines

Kebab Machines or Gyros Grills rotate kebab meat around a vertical set of burners which enables even cooking whilst being displayed deliciously in front of a customer view. The meat closest to the burners is then intermittently shaved off once cooked.

If you’re cooking kebabs or gyros, a dependable machine or gyros grill is a necessity for your hospitality establishment. Your meat or gyro meat will be cooked perfectly every time with all models featuring armoured heating elements, zone temperature control, thermostat, and drip tray. At All Cater, we supply a large variety of gyros grills and doner machines, our range is sourced from highly reputable manufacturers including Roller Grill and All Cater. This means you can be confident of buying a reliable, safe and consistent gyros grill or machine that is designed to be economical as well as efficient.

Equip your business with the right doner machine for optimum heat control and durability. Explore our range today.

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