Gasmax Benchtop Series

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Gasmax Benchtop Series

Gasmax Benchtop Series Our Commercial LPG and Electric Benchtop Series are the hearts and souls of a busy restaurant.

The latest benchtop ovens are built with quality Stainless Steel construction, Auto Ignition Flame Failure Shut-Off. Call us at 1300 659 409 to get help deciding which one will best suit your restaurant.

Check out with our benchtop and also check all other commercial equipment for your kitchen from all the major brands, and keep your establishment up and running.

The Benchtop Series Burner series are a heavy duty, yet reliable benchtop burner line,

with versatile gas cooking options for restaurants, takeaways, canteens and other similar establishments. Designed for simplicity and reliability, the grill is easy to clean, maintain and use. This unit is available in LPG or Natural gas.

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