Gas + Electrical Cooking Ranges Free Standing

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Gas + Electrical Cooking Ranges Free Standing

Gas + Electrical Cooking Ranges Free Standing

Hospitality Equipment’s commercial gas and electric cooking range is a workhorse that your kitchen can count on. Our range includes unique ovens and stove burners with LPG or electric operating options. LPG/gas and electric ranges can be configured with standard and convection ovens.

We have the latest gasmax series and benchtop units, as well as electmax products made for heavy duty use and only requiring electricity to function. High quality brand, fagor, is also a great option with fagor advanced stands/ovens, the fagor 700 series and the updated 900 series, currently available for purchase. We even sell from our own exclusive assortment of gas/electric cookery.

The possibilities are endless at All Cater, so contact us today and grab yourself a great deal on any of our efficient units or appliances.

Food Containers Benefits #1: Microwaveable containers

In this era of technology shortcuts like microwaves are often used and they prove to be a blessing. But it is only useful when you have containers that are microwaveable.

There are ample varieties of microwaveable containers which will not get disturbed with the heat waves of the microwave and will ensure that you get hygienic and safe food.

Your Guide to Buying a New Gas or Electric Range

Shopping for a new kitchen range can be fun if you know what you need to look for and have a plan in place before you head to the store! Whether you are replacing an existing model or buying one for the first time, there is a lot to consider when choosing a new gas or electric range.

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