Free Standing Fryers Gas LPG + Natural

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Free Standing Fryers Gas LPG + Natural

Our modern Free Standing Fryers Gas LPG + Natural commercial fryers are smooth to perform and maintain, maximizing your productivity and minimizing your restaurant’s operational cost. With faster recovery, they’re designed to be the maximum profitable portions of the device in your commercial kitchen. And the best part is a number of our commercial deep fryer models are available for immediate shipment.

Make the perfect fried fish, chips, and much more with the powerful and reliable Frymax single tank fryer. With an impressive output, it’s easy to serve large quantities of crispy fried food, ideal for restaurants, takeaways and other similar establishments. Once service has finished, cleaning is simple thanks to the robust stainless steel construction and oil drainage valve.

What Type of Commercial Fryer Do You Need?

First, you’ll need to choose between one of 3 primary fryer types: countertop fryersfloor-model deep fryers and specialty fryers. Second, you’ll need to choose between 3 fuel types: natural gaspropane and electric. Last, you’ll choose between the following burner options: tubeopen potflat-bottom and ribbon.

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