Fagor Advanced Plus Combi Ovens

Fagor Advanced Plus Combi Ovens

Fagor Advanced Plus Combi Ovens

Electric Advance Plus Combi Oven with 5 cooking modes, pre-heating option, temperature sensor, automatic cleaning system and touch screen control

Fagor Combi Ovens – Designed to Make the Most of Every Commercial Kitchen

Combi Ovens is a three-in-one oven and basically designed for HoReCa professionals or restaurant industry who do not wish to forego any of the functions in their commercial kitchen. Bringing it to your restaurant kitchen, you can use this single appliance for all three types of cooking – convection, steam, and a combination of steam and convection. Thus replaced the need to separate steamer or convection ovens and hence save time, space and money when it comes to professional food preparation.

Convection functionality is used to bake bread or roast meats. The steam function delicately poaches fish, steams rice, or cooks vegetables so they have the perfect texture. Both steam and convection can be used to work together for producing results that are moist and flavourful with minimal shrinkage.



ADVANCE PLUS combi ovens are designed for professionals who refuse to compromise on functionality. These ovens are among the highest performing on the market and achieve a perfect balance between cooking quality, efficiency and safety.

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