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Vacuum Packers

A complete range of practical performing and ergonomic Vacuum Packers, for a perfect space in Comfortable Bags, Containers, And Jars For Liquids.

The vacuum Packers are specifically designed for the professional catering industry and agro-industry. An industry leader in food service equipment, All Cater supplies a large number of brands. With a strong understanding of what a business needs, we offer our clients the full package when it comes to making purchases for their business.

Choose from our VACPAC range of commercial and domestic vacuum Packers. We being a unique name in the industry are engaged in supplying, exporting and trading a world-class collection of Commercial Vacuum Pack Machine to the industry. Offered by us in numerous sizes, dimensions and specifications, we provide the facility of customizing them as per the needs and demands of our customers.

Stay on top of the competition with other commercial kitchen equipment from all our major brands.

Is It Worth Vacuum Sealing Your Meat?

For safe storage of cooked and pre-cooked meat, some people suggest investing in a vacuum sealer. Vacuum sealing foods is a time-consuming task, so is it really worth the investment?

Why Vacuum Sealing Is Popular

People invest in vacuum sealers for a reason: They help keep food fresher for longer. One of the culprits in food (including meat) going bad, is the addition of air (which aids in breeding bacteria).

Putting food in a plastic zipper-sealed bag or a plastic storage container leaves air behind. Even pushing the air out of a plastic bag by hand isn’t going to vacuum seal it. That air-tight seal might make your meat go from lasting only one to three days to being good for up to two weeks in the fridge. In the freezer, vacuum sealing can help prevent freezer burn and lock in flavor.

The Cost of Vacuum Sealing

Before you can determine if it’s worth it for you, consider how much meat you buy and eat in your household. Also, factor in other times you might need to vacuum seal foods, like when using a precision cooker.

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