Food Preparation Equipment

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Commercial Food Preparation Equipment

Food Preparation Equipment. Do you feel that your staff spends more time in the kitchen than necessary? There’s a viable solution to saving time on kitchen hours and also providing quality food service.

All Cater Hospitality Equipment’s commercial food features plenty of functions, cutting time and giving you options to prioritise the most in demand tasks.

Our equipment will give back all the essential ingredients that processing takes away, while also showing ways to regain the natural health benefits that can come from unprocessed.

All Cater’s food preparation Equipment has a wide variety including food processors, mixers, slicers, spice grinders, vacuum packers, vegetable cutting discs and stick blenders.

We only sell the toughest and most reliable quality mixers and processors with the best electrical and mechanical components available. Our mixers also come with stainless steel bowls, dough hooks, beaters and whisks.

Restaurant Food Preparation Equipment

food preparation equipment is the cornerstone of any commercial kitchen. When choosing food preparation equipment for your restaurant, be sure to think about what pieces of equipment you’re going to be using most often. While smaller pieces of equipment may be less expensive, they may not meet your capacity needs if you’re going to be using them regularly, costing your business more in the long run.

Here’s our list of essential cooking equipment for restaurants:

  • Oven: This versatile piece of equipment can be used for baking, roasting, braising, and much more. As a result, an oven (or multiple ovens, depending on your business) is essential.
  • Range: You can choose either electric or gas ranges, depending on your preferences and kitchen setup.
  • Deep Fryer: While deep fryers are ideal for making French fries, chicken tenders, and other customer favourites, you can use them for frying up a variety of foods.
  • Grill: Char broilers and other grills impart a smoky and charred flavour that’s perfect for many different recipes.
  • Griddles: Similar to grills but with a flat metallic surface, griddles are a mainstay in diners and can be used for a variety of different cooking methods.
  • Holding Equipment: Holding cabinets keep your food at a specific temperature, which makes them ideal for holding food until it’s ready to serve or proofing breads before baking.
  • Salamander or Broiler: These products are perfect for finishing dishes, toasting bread, or melting cheese. Also, salamanders have high enough heat output to broil salmon or cook foods.
  • Toaster: If your restaurant is going to be open for breakfast, a commercial toaster is a must for your bread and bagels.
  • Coffee Brewer: Coffee is a popular beverage, and it’s a great addition to your beverage service, even if you’re not opening a café or bakery.
  • Microwave: Microwaves are a convenient way to heat up sauces, defrost frozen foods, and re-heat products.
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