Cheese Grater

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Cheese Grater

Create fine cut, delicious cheese to add flavour to your meals using our robust cheese graters!

Constructed from strong stainless steel with a powerful interior motor, our graters are built to last for the long term, to grate hard cheese blocks into the soft, tasty pieces we all know and love.

These huge machines are built entirely for large-scale commercial kitchens serving up a range of dishes that either utilise cheese or add cheese shavings for extra flavour.

These appliances come with a feeder handle interlock to prevent grating unless the handle is down, hopper hand guard grid for safety and injury prevention, gear driven motor for swift grating and stainless-steel pans to place your shredded ingredients into Cheese Grater.

Our graters can be effortlessly dissembled for easy cleaning and to replace parts.

Add one of All Cater cheese graters to your commercial catering equipment inventory today!


There are plenty of guides that recommend traditional handheld box cheese graters, which totally work. For this piece, though, we really wanted to minimize the elbow grease and work involved with mandoline-style graters and box graters and stick to either electric cheese graters or motorized appliances that slice and dice for us.


Handheld Cheese Graters

A handheld grater is used to shred cheese. It has a grater and a handle wherein you can hold the grater with one hand while you shred the cheese with the other hand. When you have a very small amount of cheese to shred, this would be more appropriate.

Tower Graters

These graters look like a tower with a square base. This grate has four sides and each of these sides would grate cheese in different sizes right from very fine to slices. Depending on the recipe you make, you can shred the cheese accordingly with the help of the cheese shredder.

Scratch My Back Graters

The grater is placed on the back of a hedgehog, which is made of stainless steel. These graters are very small and can shred cheese in only one size. You can place this on a plate and shred cheese neatly on a plate without spilling it out.

Advantages Of Cheese Graters

  • It is very simple and makes your cooking easier.
  • Anybody can use the grater, as it is very simple to use.
  • A grater can reduce the risk of slicing your skin. With the help of the stainless steel graters, you can use it safely without spoiling the whole dish.

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