Fish + chips Fryers and Grills Café Restaurants


Fish + chips Fryers and Grills Café Restaurants

Fish + chips Fryers and Grills Café Restaurants

All our fryers have been designed with the operator in mind.

  • Drainer rack at the rear.
  • Extra high pans and high capacity and high volume operations.
  • Gold contact thermostats for the quick response.
  • Heat exchange pan fitted to all fryers.
  • 2mm thick S/S oil pans.
  • Heavy duty frame.
  • Quick response thermostat control.
  • User-friendly drain and servicing hinged panel.
  • Stainless steel exterior.

Free Standing Fryers

Our modern free standing commercial fryers are smooth to perform and maintain, maximizing your productivity and minimizing your restaurant’s operational cost. With faster recovery, they’re designed to be the maximum profitable portions of the device in your commercial kitchen. And the best part is a number of our commercial deep fryer models are available for immediate shipment.

What Can I Cook in A Deep Fat Fryer?

It is possible to prepare almost every type of food that can be fried in a pan in a deep fat fryer. Using a deep fryer means the food will get done quicker and all sides of the food item would be exposed to an equal amount of cooking oil throughout the cooking process.

Gas Fish & Chips Fryers

Cooking with gas fryers offers a lot of advantages apart from the fact that it is more stable. It is cheaper to use, instant, faster, and you can always control the amount of heat. This is why we go all the way to import gas-powered fish and chips fryers from premium brands all over the world. Our fryers are designed to be convenient for whoever is using it. Their features include rear-placed drainer rack, gold contact thermostat that heats up very quickly, extra high pans that can take larger volume at a time, thermostat control to help maintain the optimum temperature, heavy-duty frame to support the commercial and industrial use, and lots more.

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