Equipment Spare Parts Cooking

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Equipment Spare Parts Cooking

Equipment Spare Parts Cooking

We specialize in importing commercial kitchen equipment from the leading manufacturers for supply all over Australia & New Zealand. Buy high-quality commercial kitchen equipment at the lowest prices from our extensive network of dealers.

S/S Gastronorm Pans

Stainless steel gastronorm pans are the global, standard storage container used throughout the industry, especially within restaurants and cafes. Gastronorm pans are the commercial catering standard. They provide a safe and hygienic space, coupled with a nestable design and a heavy-duty steel frame.

FED proudly builds and stocks their own warehouse full of high-quality gastronorm containers, each batch coming in a variety of sizes with a shiny, smooth finish. Our pans are all made with pure stainless-steel and patented to be stackable with a refined, double rim shape for strength and sturdiness.

We are the experts when it comes to food storage, so find the best, home-made stainless steel gastronorm pans here, at

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