Bain Marie Bench Top Free Standing

Bain Marie Bench Top Free Standing

Bain Marie Bench Top Free Standing are a type of ‘heated bath’ or appliance that can gradually heat or maintain temperature for food for cooking purposes, although they have a variety of uses outside of cooking as well Bain Marie Bench Top Free Standing.

These appliances are constructed with wide, cylindrical containers made of three to four basic parts, and sometimes a base. They cook with a very intricate process, surrounding the food or ingredients with gentle heat and utilising either wet or dry heat with hot water.

Our bain marie cabinets and hot food displays are the ideal commercial kitchen equipment choices for takeaway stores, fast food shops, sporting clubs, buffet servers and restaurants serving hot food like meat, cooked vegetables, pastries and soups.

Asides from our warmer bain maries we also stock other efficient heat equipment that works perfectly with your bain marie units to craft the tastiest hot food possible. These necessary appliances and tools you should also consider for your kitchen include bain marie trays, chafing dishes, food warmers, pie warmers, heated display units, hot plates and buffet servers. Our heated equipment comes supplied to us from some of the leading catering equipment brands from across the globe including Electmax and Fagor. At All Cater we also supply high-quality equipment and appliances straight from our very own product line. Our equipment is sourced to dealers, suppliers and kitchens across the Country, so you know you’re buying the best when it comes to All cater.

Our range of stainless-steel bain marie units and display cabinets are always sold in great condition and built using only heavy-duty materials for long-term usage. These appliances come with features such as drawers, sliding doors, high solid glass top sides, pans and castors – perfect for a busy commercial kitchen seeking an exceedingly practical machine.

Selecting the right heat equipment and appliances is also important for your kitchen and workspace, factors to consider include sizing, cost and different model types. Our bain maries come with electric or regular models and exclusive extras. Consider our homemade roband bain maries and woodson bain maries for a unit that’s both convenient and reliable.

Our premium bain maries are your best choice for showcasing and serving hot food within your café or restaurant.

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