Fagor Commercial Dishwashers Glass Washers

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Fagor Commercial Dishwashers Glass Washers  Passthrough, under bench Dishwashers, and Glass Washers.

Glasswashers and commercial dishwashers are essential pieces of equipment for every kind of food service operation, including restaurants, bars, and hotels. There are recognized companies like Fagor that provide passthrough, underbench, and glass washer options that are reliable as well as efficient.

The passthrough dishwashers by Fagor can wash up to 120 racks per hour and are ideal for high-volume businesses. They have a digital display for simple operation and an automatic self-cleaning system. Under-the-bench dishwashers from Fagor are modest and save space, which makes them ideal for smaller kitchens. They have a strong stainless steel structure and several wash cycles.

The enormous capacity of Fagor passthrough dishwashers, which can wash up to 70 racks per hour, is another marketing point. They have a built-in detergent and rinse aid dispenser and a triple filtration system for effective cleaning. The under-counter dishwashers made by Fagor are ergonomically sound, quiet, and have simple controls. They also provide a quick wash cycle for busy kitchens.

Fagor offers dependable solutions for glass cleaners. The glass washers from Fagor are built with a low water usage system and a wash cycle that is especially kind on delicate glassware. For energy efficiency and noise reduction, they have double-skinned doors. The compact design of glass washers from Axwood makes them perfect for tiny pubs or cafes. They also have a detergent dispenser and a rapid wash cycle.

With passthrough and under-bench models available, Fagor provides a variety of dependable and effective options for commercial dishwashers and glass washers. Any food service operation needs certain pieces of equipment, and long-term savings can be had by investing in high-quality equipment.

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