Fagor Combi Steam Ovens

Combi Steam Ovens The ADVANCE PLUS range delivers full-on functionality and the highest performance on the market. Achieving a perfect balance between cooking quality, simplicity, efficiency, and safety.

This range comes equipped with all the new features exclusive to Fagor:

HA Control: guarantees a constant, uniform temperature
Eco Steaming: steam is generated in a boiler which is independent of the cooking chamber to ensure perfect quality of cooking
Fagor Touch: Federal Hospitality Equipment choose the cooking method via a system of glass-sealed touchscreens, which offers easy cleaning and
protection from dents and scratches

The Benefits of Cooking with Combi Oven Technology
Ninety percent of all dishes found on commercial foodservice operations’ menus worldwide can be prepared in a combi oven. These appliances have long been in use in Europe, and roughly 120 million meals per day are cooked in a combi oven Federal Hospitality Equipment. However, many foodservice professionals still use traditional cooking equipment.

Combi ovens combine the benefits of steaming, such as short cooking times, higher yields, and juiciness, with the advantages of convection heat, which provides intensive aromas, appetizing colors, and crispy crusts. They are so easy to use that even inexperienced kitchen staff can consistently achieve superior results without constant monitoring.
What can you make in a combi oven?
Use to roast and braise meats, bake poultry and fish and reheat prepared foods. The combination of
steam and hot air will improve yield and reduce overall cooking times. To OVEN FRY, use food items that are labeled
“ovenable” by the manufacturer. Refer to cooking guidelines for oven frying individual items. Place items on perforated
sheet pan in a single layer. DO NOT place excess amount of product on pan. A solid sheet pan may be placed under
perforated pan to catch excess oils and eliminate smoke

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