Workbench Fridges Underbars

Workbench Fridges Underbars

Workbench Fridges Underbars

An industry leader in catering equipment and refrigeration, Federal Hospitality Equipment supplies a large assortment of  compact, bar fridge, display fridge, upright fridge and wine fridge.

Provide a variety of uses, perfectly ideal for bars and restaurants. These fridge come with one, two, three and four door options and give you ample space to store gastronorm pans, stock, dinnerware, cookware, cooking utensils and prep equipment. Made from stainless steel, these units can also be fitted with glass display cabinets – an efficient way to view stock without outside interference.

These fridges features self-evaporating drainage, auto defrost, curved corners for hygiene and easy cleaning and quality compressors.

Workbench Fridge and Prep Table: The Workspace Essential

The workhorse for your kitchen and possibly the biggest in size, the workbench fridge and prep table is featured in almost every commercial hospitality business out there.

It is a workplace essential, especially for large scale kitchens requiring a multi-functional unit that can assist with the multi-tasking operations of your kitchen staff.

All our workbench units featured a strong and sturdy stainless steel construction with different shapes, sizes and features including fridge cabinets, drawers and storage options for added efficiency. Smaller units are great for making small meals such as salads, sandwiches and wraps, while the bigger units are better for foods like pizzas, steaks, burgers and roasts.

Your prep table acts as a catalyst to help create the perfect meals for your patrons and customers.

These units are often well insulated with castors and motors, self-evaporating drainage and fan-forced evaporator cooling – an essential must have.

Why Refrigerator Drawers are Different?

While under-the-counter refrigerator solutions help add extra refrigerator space to a kitchen, refrigerator drawers provide two enhanced user features:

  • Refrigerator drawers are accessed from above, making it easier to grab, find, and organize items.
  • Refrigerator drawers install flush into cabinetry for a more seamless look compared to undercounter beverage centers or wine coolers.

Additionally, drawer fridges provide a handy place for children’s foods and snacks. By creating their personal food drawer, parents can encourage healthier eating habits by stocking select fruits, vegetables, and snacks, while simultaneously freeing up extra space in the main refrigerator that would otherwise be used for children’s foods.

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