Wine Fridges

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Wine Fridges

Wine Fridges industry leader in catering equipment and refrigeration, All Cater Hospitality Equipment supplies a large assortment of workbench fridges, compact workbench fridges, bar fridges, display fridges and upright fridges.

Keeping your wine cool and consistently refreshing has never been so simple with our specially made.

We supply single to large sized coolers, Australia wide. Our fridges are of the highest-quality and among the most technologically advanced on the market.

Our expert guidance and equipment will provide you with the necessary tools you need, so you can build up your own restaurant bar.

Wine Storage

Wine storage is crucial to the taste of the wine. Many people drink wine within a day or two of purchase. But whether you love to buy good quality wine, store it and bring it out on special occasions, or enjoy it with a meal with family and friends, a wine cooler will help you maximize refrigerator space for food and makes it easy to find the exact beverage you’re searching for!

A wine cooler will easily maintain a constant temperature and chill your wines so they’ll be ready to serve at any time. Many wines improve with age and if stored correctly, can last for years.

How to Choose a Wine Fridge: Your Ultimate Wine Refrigerator Buying Guide

Understanding Wine Serving Temperatures

Another reason to consider a wine fridge is to make sure that your wine tastes its best when you’re ready to drink it. While the ideal temperature for wine storage is 55 degrees, the best temperature for serving wine is another story. Wines can be broken into three basic categories when it comes to serving temperatures:

  • Red Wines: Traditionally, red wines are served at room temperature. Today’s houses are kept much warmer than they were in the past, so this really means somewhere between 60 and 65 degrees.
  • White Wines: White wines typically taste better chilled, but not so cold that you can’t distinguish the delicate flavors. These should be served between 50 and 60 degrees.
  • Sparkling Wines: Carbonated drinks are at their best when served as cold as possible. For Champagne and other sparklers, 40 degrees will do nicely.

A 38-degree kitchen fridge is too cold for any wine, but a dedicated wine fridge or dual zone wine cooler keeps your wine at just the right temperature to make the most of its flavor when you are ready to drink it.

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