Sandwich Bar Counter One Two + Three Door

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Sandwich Bar Counter One Two + Three Door

Sandwich Bar Counter One Two + Three Door

Purchasing salad and sandwich bars has never been so simple with All Cater Hospitality Equipment. We are the commercial refrigeration experts, stocking only the best products from the highest quality assured brands.

Our Sandwich Bar  are multi-functional and great for storing and utilising fresh ingredients and stock, ideal for fast paced restaurants and cafes serving large quanitites of food.

We sell from leading brands like temperate thermaster.

Contact us directly for further inquiries and to discuss the most suitable salad/sandwich bar for your establishmen.


A Sandwich Bar is one of the easiest buffets to assemble. At the bare minimum, you’ll need bread or rolls, meat, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and some kinds of spreads.


Man cannot live on bread (or sandwiches) alone, so be sure to serve a few select side dishes. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. A trio of a veggie tray, side salad, such as potato salad, and a fruit tray are easy and delicious to go alongside sandwiches.

Cooking Equipment

Depending on your projected volume, you can choose countertop or full-size floor models of these equipment pieces. Be aware that some—like a fryer and traditional griddle—will require a Type I exhaust hood, while equipment like speed ovens and sandwich presses will not. (Read also: “Restaurant Hood System-Why It Matters” from Central Restaurant Products.)

  • Griddle. Use for grilled cheese, Reuben sandwiches and Philly cheesesteaks as well as for cooking bacon, eggs, chicken breasts and other ingredients.
  • Speed oven. A conveyor/impinger oven, microwave oven or microwave/convection/radiant combination oven will heat, toast, brown or cook in under two minutes.
  • Cheese melter/salamanderEven without a speed oven, this can put the finishing touch on an open-faced sandwich, topped with cheese or not.
  • Panini grill/sandwich press. A handy countertop appliance to have, it can toast sandwiches on both sides while heating the insides. It can also grill quesadillas, and some models can even cook burgers, chicken fillets or steaks.
  • Fryer. Another optional piece of equipment, a fryer would let you add more items to the menu, such as French fries or housemade chips as well as more types of handhelds like popular fried chicken sandwiches.
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