Salad Saladette Prep Counter One Two + Three Door

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Salad Saladette Prep Counter One Two + Three Door

Salad Saladette Prep Counter One Two + Three Door

Pizzerias, Italian restaurants and fast food joints need to look no further than our convenient and easily accessible pizza bars.

At All Cater Hospitality Equipment, our stock of pizza bars are manufactured with a stainless steel interior and exterior and crafted with several compartments for simple ingredient and stock storage.

Our pizza bars are a vital asset and important element to any pizzeria hoping to give their customers the most productive, swift and simplified service possible Salad Saladette.

All Cater pizza bars are built to craft a perfect pizza straight from scratch. They are also well matched with many of the products within our catering equipment lin.

What Are the Benefits of a Commercial Prep Counter?

Kitchen food preparation counters offer multiple benefits to busy catering operations and are a core investment for any business. As standard, you can expect:

  • Vital work area combined with refrigerated storage.
  • Total convenience and increased organisation of ingredients encouraging operational efficiency.
  • Streamlined food preparation, rapid service and ultimately happy customers.
  • Versatility, combining multiple equipment functions in a single footprint.
  • There’s plenty of sizes and configurations to meet the demands of any sized business.
  • Fresh ingredients are stocked close to hand, within easy reach during service, minimising the time spent on repeated trips to and from other food storage areas.
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