Pizza Bars


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Pizza Bars

Pizza Bars , Italian restaurants and fast food joints need to look no further than our convenient and easily accessible bars.

At Federal Hospitality Equipment, our stock of pizza are manufactured with a stainless steel interior and exterior and crafted with several compartments for simple ingredient and stock storage.

Our Bars are a vital asset and important element to any pizzeria hoping to give their customers the most productive, swift and simplified service possible.

All Cater Pizza  are built to craft a perfect pizza straight from scratch. They are also well matched with many of the products within our catering equipment line.

Saladette counters:
adds space to your kitchen

The Saladette counters are practical and allow you to organise space in your kitchen more efficiently. You can customise the Saladette counter by choosing the ideal tray configuration for your business, by selecting the relative sizes and the compartment in which to place the components.

Looking for a Pizza Prep Fridge for your pizzeria?

All Cater sells and distributes a wide range of Pizza Fridges, Sandwich Prep Fridges and other quality catering equipment, Australia wide.

Benefits of modern commercial prep fridges

For any commercial kitchen or catering operation, commercial prep fridges or prep counters are essential. They work as the centre of operation for prepping and serving special delicacies like pizzas, salads, sandwiches, and many more. It is essential to choose high-quality fridges with worktops to suit your needs. The many options offer plenty of benefits and can be most helpful to speed up the whole cooking and serving process, reducing the wait time for your customers.

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