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Open Merchandisers

Open Merchandisers At All Cater Hospitality Equipment we distribute open display fridges and refrigerated display units across Australia to a variety of restaurants and cafes. We sell fridges from only the best brands in the business with the highest quality components.

Open display refrigeration is the best decision for any commercial café or takeaway shop that can provide quick and easily accessible choices to their customers. They also help provide easy stock navigation for kitchen staff.

Our refrigerated open display units, fridges and open display cases are valuable to anyone selling food or drink in a fast-paced environment or requiring a unit that can be easily stocked, stored and operated.

Open display refrigerators keep your meals and beverages fresh. These units are made to store cakes, salads, sandwiches and drinks and are ideal for an easy lunch choice, snack or refreshment.

These display refrigerators provide your cafe or takeaway shop with that competitive edge, where customers can easily view what’s on offer and choose at their leisure Open Merchandisers.

Built with a stainless-steel frame, these fridges feature a glass door for viewing, ventilation, internal motors and added extras. We also sell tabletop fridges and display freezers, depending on the needs for your business. Whether it is an open display fridge to sell drinks or meals to customers, or a freezer to stock ingredients for your staff to find.

Whatever you choose you can take comfort knowing that our fridges are tough, insulated, reliable, and practical with a slick look Open Merchandisers.

Merchandising Refrigerators and Freezers

What’s the Difference Between a Reach-In Refrigerator and a Merchandiser?

Even though a glass door merchandiser and a glass door reach-in refrigerator might be the same size and look very similar, the biggest difference is in what types of food products they are able to hold.

  • Reach-Ins: A commercial reach-in refrigerator is able to hold both closed food products (like bottles of sauces, milk, juices, etc.) and open food products (like food pans full of diced tomatoes, trays of prepared salads, a pan of macaroni salad for the buffet, etc.). Because the interiors of these units have the potential to come in contact with food, certain types of material and design criteria must be met for sanitary reasons.
  • Merchandisers: A merchandiser, on the other hand is only able to be used for packaged, sealed products. Because these units don’t meet the stricter, “food zone” interior requirements that a storage refrigerator does, your health inspector may write you up if you store open food products in a merchandiser.

Different Types of Specialty Merchandiser Refrigerators

Merchandising refrigerators and freezers come in a dizzying range of sizes and shapes, from countertop models to large 3 section floor units. Like air curtains, these pieces of equipment are only designed for packaged products. Eye-catching, lighted top sections, bright interior lighting, and exterior color choices are designed to catch customers’ attention and help your products look their best.

Convenience store merchandisers look like miniaturized versions of traditional merchandisers. Their lower height and smaller footprint help to increase visibility throughout the store, and maximize space usage in C-stores or other locations where space is an issue.

Glass sided merchandisers are often used for baked goods and show off your freshest products from multiple angles. Some even have revolving shelves.

What Should I Consider When Buying a Commercial Merchandiser Refrigerator?

  • Access Type: Both swinging and sliding doors are usually available with merchandising refrigerators and freezers. Sliding doors might be a good choice if your aisles are narrow, but they may not seal as well as swinging doors and might be less energy-efficient in the long term.
  • Lighting: LED interior lighting is becoming popular as an option, and it is even standard equipment on some models. The advantages of LED lighting over traditional fluorescent bulbs include brighter, more even output, less heat output and energy consumption, and much longer service life. Other lighting types may be more economical upfront, but be sure to consider the long-term when making your choice.
  • Upgrades & Options: Many merchandisers offer an array of interior upgrades and options, such as special bottle shelves for bottled beverages, pricing strips, and the ability to specify the combination of interior and exterior colors you desire.

Buying Guide: How to Buy Merchandisers for Your Foodservice Establishment

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