Lowboy Refrigerated Benches

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Lowboy Refrigerated Benches

Lowboy Refrigerated Benches

Maximise the space within your kitchen with these.

Refrigeration equipment is a highlight of Federal Hospitality Equipment’s extensive product line and a must have inclusion for businesses operating in the hospitality sector. These benches are ideal for bars, clubs, restaurants and cafes requiring a compact and accessible refrigeration unit.

Our Lowboy  are guaranteed to keep your ingredients and stock chilled and fresh, while providing excellent, freed up workspace for day-to-day operations.

Our workbenches are constructed from stainless steel material and robust components for durability.

Check out our exclusive lowboy refrigerated range or you can contact us directly for further enquiries.

Lowboy refrigerators, also commonly referred to as undercounter refrigerators,

are ideal for restaurants and catering companies that require safe and temperature-controlled storage of pre-sliced ingredients, such as meats and veggies. All Cater has a wide variety of these convenient commercial fridges to choose from to suit the needs of any kitchen. Whether you’re in need of a single door lowboy fridge or need something with a little more storage capacity (such as a four-door option), we have what you’re looking for. Our commercial refrigerated benches are ideal for making food preparation and storage easier for any establishment.

Benefits of Under-counter Fridges

Save Space

An under-counter fridge has a smaller profile than a regular-sized fridge. You also don’t have to designate additional floor area to your refrigerator, so it is the obvious solution if you want to save space and optimise your counter area.

Under-counter fridges are also lower and allow more natural light into your kitchen. Because you can place your fridge underneath a counter, it also improves traffic flow in your kitchen.

Clean Look

Because under-counter fridges don’t tower over your kitchen, patio, or bar, it gives the room a clean, streamlined look.

Energy Efficiency

Most under-counter fridges in Australia are Energy Star certified. These models are highly energy-efficient, which means lower energy bills and a cleaner environment.

Modern Designs

When shopping for an under-counter fridge, you can choose from many different colours, materials, and designs to complement your kitchen.

Easy Access

In some settings, an under-counter fridge allows for easy access to its content. Kids and people who use a wheelchair can easily open and take items out of the refrigerator. You can also position an under-counter fridge to remove beverages without having to stand up from a chair.


There are several uses for under-counter fridges. Commercial or office buildings typically prefer this type of fridge because of its space-saving benefits. You can also install an under-counter refrigerator underneath your bar for quick and easy access.

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