Deli Display Cabinets

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Deli Display Cabinets

A quintessential addition for butchers and supermarkets, Federal Hospitality Equipment’s deli displays give your customers flawless viewing of your meats and deli products, encased within a tough, stainless steel exterior with a durable glass hood Deli Display Cabinets.

Our deli displays feature wide display surfaces with neon interior lighting to optimise your viewing experience Deli Display Cabinets.

Check out our other refrigeration equipment to see what can accompany your new deli display and provide your customers and staff with the most convenient and productive service possible Deli Display Cabinets.

Deli Cases and Bakery Display Cases Buying Guide

A refrigerated bakery case or deli case can be a great way to increase sales in just about any food service operation, including coffee shops, convenience stores, institutional cafeterias, airports, grocery stores, as well as independent and chain restaurants, just to name a few.

Deli cases and bakery cases often look very similar from the outside, so how do you know which one is right for you? We’re here to point you in the right direction with the help of this guide!

Bakery Case and Deli Case Refrigeration Types

Refrigerated display cases like these use two basic types of refrigeration: forced air or gravity coil. The best type for you depends on the items you want to display in the case.

Forced Air

As their name implies, forced air systems rely on fans to circulate cold air throughout the cabinet to keep food contents cool. These cabinets are most often used for bakery products, prepackaged products, and some deli applications. It’s important to note that because of this air movement, the products you are displaying can dry out if they aren’t covered or left in the case too long.

Items on our website that use this method are mainly called “Refrigerated Bakery Display Cases” or a similar variation of that.

Gravity Coil

Gravity coil systems boast a refrigeration coil at the top of the cabinet that allows the cool air to “drop” down over the food. These types of display cases are best for raw meat, seafood, salads, and other deli products where you don’t want the drying effect of constantly circulating air. Gravity coil cases tend to be less expensive than forced air cases.

Items on our website that use this method are mainly called “Refrigerated Deli Cases” or a similar variation of that.

How Can Refrigerated Display Cases Benefit Your Business?

The main benefit of a refrigerated display cabinet is that you easily showcase the products you have for sale while keeping them cool and fresh.

A quick internet search sees a ‘refrigerated cabinet’ defined as a fridge that is used for the storage of perishable goods. Their doors are made of glass to allow customers to see the goods inside. It does not matter which type of products you are providing, or where it is, be it in a supermarket, a farm shop or a restaurant, if you wish to produce a clean, visual display of what you have on offer then a refrigerated display case from J&M Refrigeration is exactly what you need.

If your customers cannot see your products then they will either have to rummage to find the product they want, at their inconvenience, or they might simply leave the premises altogether if they cannot find what they came into your store for. This will mean you will miss out on sales, and therefore money. However, your customers will not have any problems seeing through a glass door refrigerated display cabinet that we stock. They are exactly what your business needs to generate more sales.

Refrigerated Display Case

The energy efficiency of our refrigerated display case with a glass door cannot be underestimated. If customers are closing and opening the door of a fridge to see what is inside, then this will not only be bad for energy output but it will prove costly. Because the doors are glass, your customers will easily be able to see what products you have to sell before opening the door. Also, the fact your products will be housed in a glass refrigerated display case will improve their appearance, almost like a trophy cabinet appeal. The lighting from within the fridge will make those goods stand out a lot more than if they were placed in a traditional fridge which only lights up when you open the door.

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