Compact Workbench Fridges


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Compact Workbench Fridges

An industry leader in catering equipment, and refrigeration, All Cater Hospitality Equipment supplies a large assortment of compact workbench fridges, bar fridges, display fridges, upright fridges, workbench fridges and wine fridges.

Compact Workbench Fridges provide a variety of uses, combining a workspace with an easily accessible cool, storage space for stock, allowing you to create and craft your cuisine in record time.

Our workbench are perfectly ideal for bars and restaurants that process large quanitites in a fast paced environment.

These fridges come with one, two, three or four door options, and give you ample space to store gastronorm pans, stock and equipment. These units can also be fitted with glass displays, giving your customers and staff an effective viewing option of your stock/dishes without outside interference.

Bar/Undercounter Fridges: The Quick Reach Solution

Bar Underbench FridgeCommercial bar fridges are unique in that they are compact, easily accessible and can be used for a variety of different scenarios.

The general use for bar/undercounter fridges is to store alcohol, mixers and small beverages for quick and easy access, especially ideal for commercial businesses selling stock fast like bars, clubs, restaurants and cafes.

Commercial bar and undercounter fridges are usually durably constructed with glass doors, door locks and high quality compressors. They are also well ventilated, which adds to the unit’s efficiency and effectiveness under the front counter, or on top.

Glass doors also allows both customers and staff to easily view available beverages that can be purchased and eases stock navigation.

Wine coolers are also a great inclusion, especially for restaurants as they can also act as alternative bar fridges for wine bottles and specialised beverages.

Commercial Compact Workbench Fridges

All Cater Equipment brings you professional-grade commercial refrigeration along with plenty of workspace in our compact workbench fridges. Our compact workbench fridges can help you to make the very most of your kitchen or workspace while providing cutting edge refrigeration. Find the ideal commercial display fridge for your kitchen. Our compact workbench fridges help you work smarter. At All Cater Hospitality Equipment, we promise the lowest prices and highest-quality products. Shop now.

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