Cake Fridge Displays Bench Top Drop In Hot Cold

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Cake Fridge Displays Bench Top Drop In Hot Cold

Large range of display fridges for all types of food. If your café or deli needs any sort of display, we have it. Browse our extensive cake display fridges, deli cabinets, hot food displays and buffet serveries with various configurations available for each model.

Commercial fridges provide an endless amount of uses and are a must-have for any working restaurant or café. There needs to be equipment to store your food and goods and with our high quality cake display fridges you can store and present your baked goods, sandwiches, pastries and cakes for your hungry customers.

Our cake displays cabinets and food display fridges provide your restaurant with that extra visual appeal, eye-catching presentation and an area for the proud presentation of your cookery.

Refrigerated cake displays give your customers an instant browse through your craft and an added interest into what your restaurant or café can provide for those looking for an instant treat or meal.

Any of our Cake fridges and glass cake displays can play an important part for your kitchen space or store front. All of our display fridges feature a stainless-steel framework, durability, glazed glass with great viewing and storage for extra kitchen equipment.

Our fridge units come with different features and extras, so it is important to know which one is right for you. Different features for our display fridges include square glass, glass doors, heated and curved glass, led lighting, size, compressors, ventilation and quality materials.

When choosing what fridge you would like to include in your restaurant or cafe it is important to consider placement

You can select a separate display or cake display cabinet to place on the floor to store a large range of food or a countertop display fridge for something unique and easily accessible Cake Fridge Displays Bench Top Drop In Hot Cold

Whatever cake display fridge you decide on, know that we are your catering equipment and display cabinet specialists with a successful history in the supply of commercial fridges and kitchen equipment to restaurants and dealers

Hot & Cold Displays: How to keep food safe and boost sales

Professional food displays are a great way to showcase your products and tempt customers into making impulse purchases. The right display case will keep your food fresh and appetising all day long, while making a stylish addition to your foodservice business.

It’s important, however, to ensure that food is correctly stored and served. If you’re not maintaining the correct temperature in a hot or cold display or food is incorrectly handled, it can be contaminated with various nasties that might make your customers sick. Foodsmart Victoria has compiled a useful checklist to make sure you’re covered.

Food can become contaminated in a number of ways:

  • Food poisoning bacteria can multiply if food spends too long in the temperature danger zone of 5°C to 60°C
  • Mixing new and old batches of food can spread food poisoning bacteria
  • Foreign objects that fall into, or come into contact with, uncovered food may contaminate it
  • Poor food handling can contaminate food
  • Customers may contaminate food if using self-serve displays
  • Cross-contamination can occur if raw and ready-to-eat foods are stored in the same area
  • Cross-contamination can also occur if utensils, surfaces or equipment come into contact with both allergenic and non-allergenic foods
  • If hot food is not fully cooked before being placed in hot holding units, food poisoning bacteria will increase in large numbers and may cause food poisoning
  • If hot food is held at lower than 60°C, bacteria can multiply and cause food poisoning
  • If high-risk cold food is stored near lights on the cold display unit it may become too warm, which may cause food poisoning
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