Bar Fridges Display one Two Three Door

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Bar Fridges Display one Two Three Door

Bar Fridges Display one Two Three Door

An industry leader in catering equipment and refrigeration, Federal Hospitality Equipment supplies over 500 models of bar fridges, display fridges, upright fridges, workbench fridges, compact workbench fridges and wine fridges. Our range showcases the leading brands such as italia cool, temperate thermaster, and All Cater exclusive line, which includes single, two, three and four door options.

Our bar fridges are specially designed for bars with adjustable shelf heights, to fit a variety of bottle shapes and sizes. Our fridges are well built and durable, made from stainless steel and robust materials, with high quality motors and interior lights, to ensure your product runs at it’s potential best. From mini bar fridges to beer fridges, black, white, side by side, solid door, glass door – there’s an endless variety of units on sale.

Maintain a well designed and productive piece in your establishment and consider the variety of other catering equipment options currently available.

Benefits of a bar fridge:

The bar fridges with glass door are very convenient for the bars. They provide the bar with well-chilled drinks. They are very good for commercial use. The look very good in the bar as well. They not only make it convenient for you to make your business very efficient.

All You Need To Know About A Bar Fridge

When it comes to the bar fridges for sale, they are the refrigerators that come with the internal cooling capacity of up to 5.5 cubic feet. Typically, these fridges are cubed shaped to make maximum use of the available internal cooling storage space.

Types Of Bar Fridges

There are two types of bar fridges available in the market today; a bar fridge that is primarily designed for the pubs, bars or restaurants and the one that is mainly designed for small families or for use by a person living alone.

How to Choose a Bar Fridge That’ll Have Your Back

The right backbar fridge can be a powerhouse investment for bar entrepreneurs that your frontline staff will appreciate.

You’d be forgiven for thinking every backbar fridge is the same. There’s plenty of choice out there in the marketplace but it often doesn’t look that way. And without an emphasis on food safety – because they’ll simply be used to present bottled beverages – the humble bar fridge is often seen as an easy, low risk purchase.

However, there can actually be vast differences between models and brands, and some risk involved when you consider how much of your business actually relies on having a reliable fridge on the frontline working for your bar staff. If beverage sales and satisfied customers are important to you, you’ll want to make sure you get a bar fridge that has your back.

Here are some things to consider.


What would it be like working the bar on a day when you can only serve warm beer? It’s a horrible thought, but that’s what you need to think about when buying a bar fridge.

You’ll be waiting for parts and repair support while you suffer reduced business, and that’s often a timeframe so damaging that bar owners and managers feel they have no choice but to immediately go out and source a quick, cheap replacement.

The problem in that scenario is that it increases the likelihood of repeating a cost cycle of replacement every few years or so.

Look for bar fridges that offer:

  • Extensive long-term warranty and support backed by a network of technicians.
  • Designed cooling consistency – bar fridges that can’t maintain a consistent temperature create more condensation on the glass, which isn’t a good look.
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