Workbench Freezers Underbars

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Workbench Freezers Underbars

Workbench Freezers Underbars

Commercial refrigeration is an essential component to any hospitality business. By selecting the right commercial workbench freezer for your business you’re ensuring that ingredients and stock will remain in fresh condition, which ultimately saves you both time and money.

Our workbench freezers are all made from stainless steel material with thick density CFC and HCFC free insulation, powerful compressors and numerous storage compartments – combining storage space, durability and power.

Our heavy duty, lockable benches come with a factory balanced system, which improves temperature recovery times and cools the cabinet quicker – keeping food fresher for longer and lowering operational costs.

Stay on top of the competition with our refrigeration products, sourced from the most renowned brands Workbench Freezers Underbars.

  • Underbench Freezers -Features and Variations:
  • Single, double, triple or four solid doors
  • Doors are solid stainless steel and self closing with LH and RH hinges
  • Counter top in stainless steel
  • Counter top flat or square rear edge for use as an island bench
  • Adjustable shelving
  • Adjustable legs for freestanding; or lockable castors
  • Smaller size single door has 1065mm bench top
  • Large size 4 solid doors with 2400mm bench top
  • Stainless steel interiors and exteriors
  • Underbench Freezer Refrigeration Features:
  • Auto defrost
  • Electronic controlled
  • Shielded electronic controller
  • Integral refrigeration unit
  • Internal lighting

Workbench Freezers

A commercial freezer can double as a space-saving work area when you invest in workbench style freezers. Workbench freezers come in a range of sizes to fit every kitchen. Make the most of space-challenged environments while having access to the state-of-the-art commercial freezer technology you require. These units have sleek, easy to clean stainless steel worktops and casings. Other features include high-density insulation, innovative compressor technology, evaporator cooling and drainage, and auto defrost. Digital temperature control, interior lighting, and locking castors make our workbench freezers easy to set and use. Optimise your kitchen space with workbench freezers.

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