Upright Storage Freezers One Two Three Door

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Upright Storage Freezers One Two Three Door

Upright Storage Freezers One Two Three Door

Commercial freezing is an essential part to any restaurant or café in allowing a space for storage, cooling and preservation of your stock. It can also act as display at the front of your store for customer or staff access. Hospitality businesses need units like upright freezers for eye-catching views, easy accessibility and space to fit beverages and snacks inside.

Every vertical freezer we stock is constructed using pure stainless steel. These units also incorporate superb insulation, simple digital controls, free refrigerant and foam, auto defrost and evaporation.

Our variety comes with different capacities, shapes, builds and features. Some of these freezer types include double and single door freezers, small upright freezers, large, glass and solid door freezers and chest freezers – so there is plenty of choice for your business.

3 reasons why you should get an upright freezer

The most popular type of stand-alone freezer is the chest type. However, another option is available called the upright freezer. So if you’re thinking about purchasing a freezer for your home or business, here are 3 reasons why the upright kind might be better suited for your needs:

1.    Floor space

Upright freezers store food vertically, which is why they take up less floor space. So if you live in a small apartment or have a limited storage area, an upright freezer may be the perfect choice.

2.    Accessibility

Shelves make organizing and finding food in your upright freezer easy, allowing you to view and access items quickly. They also typically have LED lights that illuminate the interior for better visibility.

3.    Convenience

Some upright freezers come in no frost models so there is no need to bend down and hunch over to defrost and clean your freezer. Ice crystals are also prevented from forming on your food so that its taste and texture are not affected. Thus, thus, results in better food quality.

Commercial Display Freezer: Benefits for Your Business Like Never Before


Whether you’re selling ice cream cakes or boxed meat, the ultimate success of the food service industry relies on engaging displays. If you want customers to buy your products, you’d better make sure they look good. With the right display freezer, you can even make shrimp or a bag of peas look enticing. Today’s freezers are equipped with good lighting systems to brighten up your merchandise


Commercial display freezers are not only useful for storing food items, they can enhance your shop’s aesthetic too. Chest freezers are boxy-looking and have a tendency to look too industrial in a retail setting. Multi-door glass merchandisers have a stylish design with clean lines and clear tempered glass


Commercial display freezers can help ensure your customers are getting the freshest foods possible. Today’s models offer temperature-control features that help you accurately regulate the conditions in which your foods are stored. Consider purchasing a model with an automatic defrost system


Commercial cooling systems come in all shapes and sizes. From multi-door merchandisers to compact countertop models, accessibility and convenience is key. To take advantage of impulse buys, choose a smaller display freezer for your check-out area. Stock it with products like bottled water and frozen treats — cheaper items that customers can grab as an add-on purchase without thinking twice

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