Supermarket Upright Display Door Freezers

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Supermarket Upright Display Door Freezers

Supermarket Upright Display Door Freezers

• Twin compressors
• Forced air circulation
• Adjustable shelves
• Interior LED lights
• Powder coated interior
• Universal wheels, front with brake
• Double glazing tempered glass
• Self closing door
• Self evaporating drip tray
• Aluminium door frame & handle
• Ambient/RH%: 32/60
• Temperature Range: -18 to -22°C

2 Years Parts and Labour + 2 Years Parts only Warranty with Product Registration

The Importance Of An Upright Freezer & Choosing The Right One!

Do you run a food-related or catering business? Then, you might completely realize the importance of cheap commercial upright freezers. An upright display freezer is an important part of the set up of any cafe or restaurant and help retailers to display their products to attract the potential buyers in a tempting way. In addition to being great to look at, a display freezer offers great storage solutions for retailers and shop owners.

Chest Freezers

A chest freezer is probably the most convenient products you can find today and it may even save some costs in the long-run. Chest freezer gives you ample space to adopt advantage of storing bulks of meat, to freeze seasonal berries and jams, with the daily perishable items and produce ahead meals

Display Freezers With Glass Door

If you want to instantly cool foodstuffs down from cooking temperature and afterward keeps it frozen or chilled while maintaining the hygienic standards and that looks striking too, then All Cater is here to help you out in dire need. Our glass door freezers will help keep pre-cooked foods in perfect condition, and now your commercial kitchen run like clockwork. We are continuously striving to provide quality products to our customers at a competitive price in town!

Upright Fridge — An upright display fridge is defined as ‘a piece of equipment, which is particularly used for displaying food items to potential buyers, whether it’s in a retail store, supermarket, convenience store or a restaurant or cafeteria.

By displaying the food items in a fridge with a glass door, it is typically shielded from viewers to avoid any form of physical contact with the food to keep it hygienic. You might have seen upright display refrigerators and freezers in the local food store or in restaurants. With the display refrigerator and freezer, buyers can easily see the available food and drink items without opening the doors.

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