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Gelato Display

Gelato Display fridges, freezers, and ice cream appliances are best suited for cafes and restaurants selling ice cream as a side dish or for dessert. These fridges and freezers are also ideal for service stations, supermarkets, takeaway shops and dessert stores.

We specifically sell mixers, bowls, whisks, output machines, frappe makers and our signature displays. These units feature an eye-catching design, advanced controls, powerful compressors, compact makes and a simple interior for easy cleaning. Our displays also come with an interior steel build, tubs for ice cream and a tempered glass ceiling top for the perfect view of your gelato within the front of your café, restaurant or store.

Keep your ice cream cold and refreshing for your customers with these gelato, fridges, freezers and ice cream appliances straight from All Cater Hospitality Equipment .

A Guide to Ice Cream/Gelato Freezers

Ice cream and gelato equipment includes batch freezers, which produce, freeze and dispense these desserts, as well as dipping cabinets, designed for displaying and serving frozen desserts.

Batch freezers perform as the name suggests by creating a large volume of ice cream, frozen yogurt, gelato, sorbet, custard or other frozen dessert in a designated period of time. These units can make anything that can freeze from a liquid to a semisolid state.

Why You Need the Right Gelato Display Freezer

One of the big differences between gelato and ice cream is its consistency. Gelato is much smoother and softer than ice cream. This is why it needs to be kept at a certain temperature. Having the right gelato display cases can help you make sure this is happening.

A special gelato freezer is needed to make sure that it is stored at the right temperature. If the temperature is too warm or too cold, it can impact the consistency of the gelato. When this happens, your gelato isn’t going to taste right. Your customers will notice and your business can suffer.

The preferred temperature of a gelato display freezer is between -11 to -14 degrees celsius. When gelato is stored at this temperature, it will freeze quickly the way it’s supposed to and have the right consistency and taste.

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