Mincers Kitchen Equipment

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Mincers Kitchen Equipment

Mincers Kitchen Equipment Our heavy-duty commercial meat mincers can grind your meat into the finest mince pieces, made by Federal Hospitality Equipmentcooks, deli workers and butchers who handle fresh meat.

Featuring a stainless-steel chamber with a design that adheres to the latest safety standards, our mincers come packed with a single handle locking mechanism for easy cleaning and access, reverse function and a filler attachment. You can choose between a bench mincer or floor-standing model, which will come down to the needs of your staff and your commercial Mincers Federal Hospitality Equipment.

The Benefits of Meat Mincers

Meat mixer mincers and grinders are an essential piece of meat processing equipment for any food business that is serious about the quality of their product and effectiveness of their operation.

Whether you run a local butcher shop, restaurant or larger industrial operation, the shift from frozen to fresh, budget to gourmet, is the new expectation within the industry.

While it may seem like added work and expense to elevate your product standards, it is achievable with Viking Food Solution’s range of mixer mincers and mixer grinders.

Catering to all sizes of food businesses and their varying demands, these quality machines add value to your business through the following benefits:

Fresh is best – Customers expect high quality products and nothing beats the freshest possible product. Fresh tastes best and with a Viking meat mincer you have the freedom to decide when to mince your meat, rather than have it sit on a shelf for an excessive time and deteriorate in quality.

  • Fewer contaminants – Meat mincers and grinders lessen the amount of handling and time spent being prepared on a bench, both of which contribute to contamination levels. While these machines add to the quality of your product, they also make it safer for the consumer through the higher health and safety standards they provide.
  • Quality control – You decide what goes into your product. Meat mincers take the guesswork out of production. For example, finding the perfect balance of different meat cuts could prove the winning formula for a new gourmet burger shop’s recipe.
  • Efficiency – Mincers and grinders reduce labour costs, increasing business efficiency and profit, which is the essential objective of every business
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