Meat Slicers

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Meat Slicers

Make your meat cutting simple and safe with our integral high-quality meat slicers! Built within our own doors, Federal Hospitality Equipment’s heavy-duty slicers are suited to butchers, supermarket delis, sandwich shops, pizzerias and restaurants who slice and dice.

Our professional deli slicers and cutters are easy to clean and maintain, so any staff member can use them. They come fitted with a sleek design, semi-auto function, gear drive, sharpener, blade cover and carrier with security protection.

If you’re a butcher or cook we have everything you need within our butcher equipment range including meat-mixers, dry-aging cabinets, mincers and sausage fillers Federal Hospitality Equipment.

How to Choose the Best Meat Slicer

5 Benefits of a Food & Meat Slicer

If it’s not yet self evident to you that a food slicer can make a difference in your life, here are some of the main benefits we found regularly touted in customer reviews by those who have already made the investment Federal Hospitality Equipment.

Food slicers are powerful and significantly faster than slicing foods by hand. If you’re tired of having to devote time every day or week to cutting up the breads, meats, and cheeses for your family’s lunch sandwiches, you can cut down the time investment considerable by turning to the food slicer to help.

If you have a hard time getting all those cheese slices to be just the right level of thickness, a food slicer will help you ensure that every slice is at the right thickness for your liking.

Ease of Use:
This point pretty much speaks for itself. It’s just easier automating a process like food slicing with a machine than it is trying to do it all by hand.

Thinner Slices Possible:
While the most obvious uses for a food slicer are meats and cheeses, many people love their slicers for helping them cut foods that they like especially thin, like onions, potato chips, and cabbage for sauerkraut.

Saves Money:
Buying pre-sliced foods at the grocery store is always going to cost you more than slicing them yourself. If you currently find yourself filling your basket with sliced meats, cheeses, and breads, you can quickly make back your investment in a food slicer.

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