Temperate Thermaster

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Temperate Thermaster

Temperate Thermaster manufactures commercial fridges and freezers that are designed for the Australian climate. They have tropical rated fridges that are design for the Australian Federal Hospitality Equipment climate.

We offer high-quality and reliable upright commercial freezers and bar fridges including 2-3 door units.

features five levels of strong shelving, interior LED lighting, powerful embraco compressors, digital temperature control, fan-forced evaporator cooling, self-evaporating Federal Hospitality Equipment.

What temperature should my fridge be?

If you don’t want to make your friends sick at your next dinner party, you’ll want to make sure the fresh meat you’ve stored in your fridge’s chiller compartment doesn’t spoil before you get around to cooking and serving it. But you also don’t want to turn the temperature on your fridge down so low that your fresh vegetables in the crisper freeze and are unusable.

The fridge temperatures below are a good guide to keeping food safe.

  • Fresh food: between 0°C to 4°C.
  • Freezer: close to -18°C.
  • Chiller compartment: close to 0°C.

The Australian Standard for fridges uses a fresh food compartment average temperature of 3°C. It’s a good target to aim for because it means not freezing foods yet still keeping them below 4°C. If you’re experiencing temperature fluctuations, read our guide to troubleshooting a fridge.

Few Benefits of Using Display Fridge

Glass door type display refrigerators are an integral part of marketing strategy for a food related business. It is inadvertent for restaurants and food related businesses to store perishable food items in refrigerators. Now, when this is done in a commercial display refrigerator, the benefits are many.

Today, you can find glass door fridges that are technologically advanced with various easy modes of temperature control through digital controllers and feature low noise compatibility and automatic defrost options. Fridges with illuminated shelves and variable designs are also available.

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